In progress: The Merlin’s Children series

Book One: Demonseer.

Two lives, two stories, two worlds linked by magic and destiny.

Seven days change seventeen-year-old Tess Bowden forever. She risks everything she knows, everything she is, everything she hopes to be for a scarred young warrior from another world. It’s the week she discovers her powers. The week she nearly dies. The week she learns to kill.

Weird thing is, she’s a violence-hating science-nerd. And a big-time Marvel fan.

So… What the Hulk?

When Tess finds she can open portals between worlds, she meets Cale Coilltear, a reckless young warrior with his own supernatural powers and high-risk agenda. Street-kid turned soldier, Cale’s on a mission to save his men from the gallows. When he tumbles through a portal into Tess’s world, he’s far from happy with the interruption.

Thrown together in modern-day Britain, then torn apart by a brutal destiny in war-torn Talmain, Tess and Cale form an unlikely alliance. Both are descendants of Merlin, and both their worlds are threatened by the deadly games of two immortals: Merlin’s old nemesis Morgana-le-Fay, and her ally, the Shadowman—ruthless agent of the Demon Lords. Tess and Cale must fight to save their loved ones, their homelands, and each other from darkness and destruction.

The adventure continues in Book Two of the Merlin’s Children series, Wolfblood.

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