In progress: The Merlin’s Children series

Book One: Merlin’s Children.

Two worlds linked by magic, destiny and an ancient secret. Earth and Talmain.

When uptight teenager Tess Bowden discovers she can open portals between worlds, she meets Cale Coilltear, a reckless young warrior with his own supernatural powers and high-risk agenda. Thrown together in modern-day Britain, then torn apart by a brutal destiny in war-ravaged Talmain, the two form an unlikely alliance. Both their worlds are threatened by the deadly games of two immortals: Merlin’s old nemesis, Morgana-le-Fay, and her ally, the Shadowman–ruthless arch-manipulator and agent of the Demon Lords. Tess and Cale must fight to save their loved ones, their homelands, and each other from darkness and destruction.

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