Editing Services

I offer editing services for writers, based on the deep editing skills I’ve learned from the fabulous Margie Lawson – read more here.

If you’d like more information, please contact me at becky.rawnsley@gmail.com

Let me know if you’re a Margie grad, because I can tailor my service to help consolidate your understanding of the principles Margie teaches.

I can work with non-Margie grads too – and you will still gain not only in-depth comments on how to strengthen your current piece, but also insights on how to apply those principles to the rest of your work.  If you decide to do the courses too, then you’ll be flying!!

Here’s what my students/clients have to say:

  • Thank you so much! You gave me exactly what I needed. This will not only be a great learning document to fixing this story, but as I work on my next story. You are a great teacher!
  • The feedback and mark-ups that you provided were amazing and I am so in awe of how much you’ve helped my manuscript.